A Small Business #Fail

by B. Rich on July 13, 2012 · 0 comments

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Can you say super annoyed?!  In case you didn’t know, I am the self-proclaimed, self-appointed president of the made up organization, Small Businesses Rock Association.  I’m unrelenting in my support, however, there is an equal and opposite force to my zeal, and that’s my disdain for tacky business practices and sloppy customer (no)service.  I just hate it, pure and simple.  If you’re a southerner like me you were taught not to “hate” anything, sorry mama, you were wrong this time, I absolutely hate it!  Let me tell yall what had happened.

We do not have a “no solicitation” sign on our office, and that’s on purpose.  Yes, people dropping by offering you whatever they’re selling or asking you to donate to whatever they’re supporting can be an inconvenience at times but it’s not too bad.   After all, that’s how we met our recently hired window cleaner.

So rewind to yesterday when a gentleman walks into our office and proceeds to ask the office manager seemingly random questions like what are our favorite colors.  As nice as she was trying to be she had to eventually ask him to get to the point.  It turns out that he was selling art and wanted to know if we were interested in buying any.  Mind you, he has not narry catalogue, samples, name tag, nothing to suggest that he’s anything other than a random person strolling the streets.   After he was told “not at this time”, he asked again with a tone that suggested he was shocked that he was told no.  He then proceeds to state the obvious “but y’all don’t have any art on the walls.”  Again sir, not at this time.  Do you know what this joker said after that … as he briskly walked out of our office and opened the door in the same manner you would if you were trying to make sure it slammed on your way out … “thanks for supporting small businesses.”  Really dude?  Really?  What he should have said was, “Ok, thank you.  If you change your mind in the future or would like to look at some of the options available, here is my card, contact info, or whatever.”  What he did not know is that we are planning to decorate the office in a few weeks and we would have certainly followed-up with him, but that will not be happening!

Listen up, just because you are a small business does not mean that everyone is going to support you on that basis alone!  You have to compete with and like everyone else.  Being a small business does NOT give you the right to be slack in your delivery and expect that people will still support you.  No, that’s what the big schmuckity schmucks do.  Have you tried to get some assistance at a certain big box store lately?  #PointMade.  Sir, your attitude sucks and should you fail to succeed with your “art business” or any other business for that matter, you most likely will have no one else to blame but yourself!  How about you support your own business first, by offering a quality product and acting like you have some doggone sense, before you go around demanding that others support you … because you’re a small business.  #Fail.

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