Gut Busting & Fat Smashing

by B. Rich on July 17, 2012 · 1 comment

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My taste buds are bossy and they bully me into giving into their every demand.  Needless to say my weight, specifically my mid-section, is suffering the consequences.  I want revenge so I’m taking on the fat smash program by Dr. Ian Smith.  I’m not into fad diets, counting calories, food group deprivation, prepackaged foods or attending meetings where I’m encouraged to confess the sins of my inner fat girl (whose name is Shelby btw).  I have nothing against any of those methods, they’re just not my preference.  For the most part I maintain a pretty healthy diet but sometimes I get off track … wayyyyyyy off track, and this time I’ll be doggone if I didn’t drive straight off of the cliff.  The fat smash program is going to help me jump start my way back into some sort of normalcy.

Overall the program has received pretty good reviews and I personally know a few people who were not only satisfied with the results but also satisfied with the overall program.  Based on what I’ve read in the book and what I know about myself, I should have no problem cruising into a maintenance mode once I’m done with the three weeks.  I couldn’t decide if I was going to share my journey on the blog BUT, today was day 1 and I managed to get off course ALREADY!  Oooh wee, I had fried shrimp and catfish for lunch, with broccoli on the side.  Do I get credit for choosing a veggie over french fries?  Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day and I told y’all that my taste buds were bossy.

So there, now you know what I’m doing for the next 20 days and I’ll be sure to report in to my virtual accountability crew daily.  Off to get my cardio workout in for the day.  Per the plan, I need to do 50 minutes today.  Easy peasy, I can do that.

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One comment on “Gut Busting & Fat Smashing

  1. How’s the fat smash going? I have some fat that needs to be slayed…and not just in the spirit. Ha! (laughing at myself)

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