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by B. Rich on July 23, 2012 · 0 comments

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Every year we can depend on pop culture to give us new words & phrases (does bootylicious ring a bell), new meanings to old words (thug and swag immediately come to mind) or make an otherwise neutral statement fashionable and hip.  So when I kept hearing and reading the phrase, I’m A Boss, my gut told me that pop culture had struck again.  Initially I was confused though.  Out of nowhere someone would say, “I’m A Boss,” and I’d be there thinking, “what kind of randomness is this?  You are nobody’s boss.  You check in to those people’s job ev-er-ree day!”  Then I’d wonder, what in the world would make someone say that out of the blue like they have turrets or something.  Ohhhh, but when I started seeing random tweets and fb posts, that’s when I connected the dots.  By now I’m sure all rap fans reading this post are shaking their heads and to you i say … so!  #CarryOn.  LOL.

Quicker than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious I’d grown very weary of this new pop culture phenom.  I thought it was foolish for employed folks to be walking around talking about they’re a boss, and saying it with so much vigor.  But then it hit me, yes they are a boss!

A good nugget that I learned somewhere along the way was this, regardless of where you work and who you work for, you are the CEO of Me, Inc.  That fact is more apparent when you are an entrepreneur, but truly, you should have that same mindset if you are an employee.  Think of your employer as your client, a VIP client.  See, even the rapper who made the phrase cool defines a boss as, and I quote, “one who guarantee we gone eat.”  It’s not your employer who determines if you’re gonna eat, you do.  How you show up, perform and deliver for your “client” are your responsibilities.

When I was an employee I took the concept of Me, Inc. seriously.  I knew that regardless of what I romanticized in my head, I wasn’t going to be a better business owner than I was an employee, and even if I managed to do so, I didn’t want  karma to sabotage my entrepreneurial efforts.  How could I be a mediocre employee and then expect that I’m going to attract and maintain great employees when it’s my turn to sign the checks.  Also, I knew that if I practiced bad habits such as showing up late, producing sub-par work, not willing to go the extra mile, and everything in between, I wasn’t going to change those habits over night.  Practice makes perfect and I wanted to practice good boss like habits.

So the next time you have the urge to say you’re a boss, go right on ahead.  Just know that you are not merely repeating the lyrics to a rap song, but you are indeed a boss and you are the only person who can guarantee that you gone eat;-).

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