I’m A Boss

July 23, 2012

Every year we can depend on pop culture to give us new words & phrases (does bootylicious ring a bell), new meanings to old words (thug and swag immediately come to mind) or make an otherwise neutral statement fashionable and hip.  So when I kept hearing and reading the phrase, I’m A Boss, my gut […]

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A Small Business #Fail

July 13, 2012

Can you say super annoyed?!  In case you didn’t know, I am the self-proclaimed, self-appointed president of the made up organization, Small Businesses Rock Association.  I’m unrelenting in my support, however, there is an equal and opposite force to my zeal, and that’s my disdain for tacky business practices and sloppy customer (no)service.  I just […]

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5 Businesses You Can Start for $50 or Less

July 6, 2012

Almost everyday for at least a month straight I’d walk into the office and immediately after my good mornings I’d complain about how dirty the door (which is glass) and windows were.  I finally got sick and tired of it so I went to the store on my lunch break one day to buy a […]

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